I make games.

Another Stupid Clicker Game

About ASCG:
Another stupid clicker game where you click the button to get money. This time, you use the money to buy upgrades to make the game better!

Raining Money With Upgrades

About Raining Money With Upgrades:

Collect coins as they rain from the sky and use them to buy upgrades. Collect achievements along the way.

Champ Against Chumps Upgrade Edition

About CACUE:
Collect the coin to reset the timer and to give yourself money. Spend the money on upgrades to make yourself better. Reach $500 in a single to game and then defeat the boss to win the game!

It's Champ Against Chumps, but with upgrades.

Not As A-MAZE-ING 2017

About Not As A-MAZE-ING 2017:
It's a maze game. There are 15 levels and 10 achievements.

Champ Against Chumps

About Champ Against Chumps:
Collect the coin within 6 seconds and collect as many coins and kill as many enemies as you can. Collect achievements along the way!


About Coingregate:

Collect coins and earn money. Use the money you earn to buy more coins, which are worth more, and upgrades.

Panic 30

About Panic 30:
A game where you only have 30 seconds to beat each level. This game was made for One Game a Month.